Day 1: 30 Days of Unprocessed Food

Day 1 is officially here! I'm not sure if I am excited or nervous. Maybe a little of both. I am excited to experiment in the kitchen to make flavorful meals that will keep our tastebuds happy. I am nervous for awkward moments when we are out with friends and family and we can't eat any food that is offered to us. I really hope that our close friends and family will be supportive of us during this time. My greatest hope in all of this is to prove to myself, my husband, and those close to us, that we can eat unprocessed food without feeling deprived. I have posted our Week 1 meal plan on the Facebook page for those of you who may wish to follow along. For those who do not use Facebook, I will be posting our meals and snacks each day on the blog.  I personally find that it is very difficult to only grocery shop once each week. I typically shop 2-3 days each week to ensure that all ingredients are fresh. I went shopping yesterday afternoon for Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3. The grand total was $65. The ingredients needed for Days 4-7 will be minimal beacause a lot of ingredients I purchased yesterday will be used the entire week. Our grand total for the week should be just over $100 for a family of 3, with a large amount of ingredients being organic.

I made a small mistake on our meal plan that I need to apologize for. I stated that we will be drinking coconut milk, however, for the 30 days we will only be drinking non homogenized organic/ raw organic cow's milk. The coconut milk (although I consider it a healthy non dairy milk) contains evaporated cane juice, guar gum, and carrageenan which are not considered unprocessed. We buy our non homogenized milk at Whole Foods. It has cream on the top, and tastes phenomenal! I love this milk because their farming practices are non GMO and organic. They also do not "ultra pasteurize" their milk as most organic farmers do, which destroys all vitamins and beneficial bacteria.

Straus Farms non homogenized milk

Day 1 Meals:
Breakfast: Vanilla Oatmeal Pancakes with banana slices
Lunch: Organic hotdogs (Applegate Farms) with sweet potato fries (coated in olive oil) and watermelon slices.
Snack: Plain yogurt sweetened with honey (most yogurt has artificial dye and is sweetened with sugar)
Dinner: Tostadas with homemade refried beans, avocado, and bell pepper slices. I purchased corn tortillas and plan on frying them in olive oil.
Dessert: Whole wheat brownies

As a way of trying to keep meals QUICK and EASY for the next few days, I prepped a few items last night. I made a batch of brownies and put them in the freezer, I made tortilla dough for later in the week, and I soaked pinto beans to make refried beans tonight. Buying dried beans and making them yourself can be a savings of up to 50%! It takes a little bit of effort, but I think it's worth it. Making beans is so simple! I will post a little tutorial down below. I also cut sweet potatoes this morning to use in our sweet potato fries for lunch. Having as many items prepped as possible, makes cooking QUICK, EASY, and stress free!

Easy Beans:
Rinse beans with warm water. Soak beans overnight in water, make sure beans are fully submerged in water and refrigerate. When you are ready to cook beans, place them in a pot, fully submerged in water. Medium heat. Add spices of your choice. I usually add 1 onion, 3-4 garlic cloves, green chiles, cumin, salt and pepper. Beans will cook for 2-3 hours. If you want refried beans, place cooled beans in a blender. You can also drain the garlic and onions and eat the beans whole. QUICK and EASY!

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