Day 18: 30 Days of Unprocessed Food

I genuinely enjoy cooking and planning meals; most of the time.... The past two days have been slightly stressful because I left all of the cooking and meal prep until the last minute. I am usually pretty good about prepping foods ahead of time, but I have been a little preoccupied with a few things. Yesterday we were planning to make falafel for dinner. (We flip flopped a few of our dinners this week.)  I soaked the garbanzo beans and had just put them on the stove to simmer for a few hours. Just then one of my friends had called and invited my daughter and I for a play date. I decided to take her up on it because I was in desperate need of some girl time. I left the beans on the stove to simmer. I figured we would be gone for an hour and everything would be fine. My husband was upstairs working.

Bad bad bad idea! I called James on the way home and he tells me that something is burning. Ugh! Why did he not smell it sooner? I walked in the door and the whole house smelled like smoke. I went to stir the beans and they were a charred, black mess. Not my proudest moment. I was so annoyed and so starving that I honestly wanted to order a pizza! We hardly EVER order pizza, so you can bet if we do, there is a good reason behind it. I went in the living room to cool off because apparently I was "fuming" or so the husband tells me. I stupidly assumed that he would keep the beans from burning. But why should I assume that? He was upstairs working. Miscommunication between spouses is so much fun isn't it? ;)

As James attempted to clean up the mess, he declared that the beans were not as badly burned as we thought. He ended up scooping them into a bowl and separating the charred beans from the good ones. Whew! We were able to salvage enough beans to still make our falafel. We probably wasted $2 worth of beans. Whoop dee doo!

As if yesterday wasn't frustrating enough, I had planned on going grocery shopping this morning because we didn't have much to eat in the house for the rest of the week. James has been trying to sell his music equipment and he had taken our car to go meet a man who wanted to buy a keyboard case. I was stuck at home with no car, anxiously waiting for him to come home. Our daughter was at school thankfully, with a lunch I had packed. By the time James came home, we were both STARVING and ready for lunch. I don't know about you, but when I am hungry I cannot think about grocery shopping. We stupidly sat on our bed for twenty minutes talking about where we could go to pick something up quick. We can't have any refined grains during this 30 days, so going out to eat is nearly impossible. A salad without any crackers or bread won't fill us up. We finally decided to go to Chipotle and order their vegetarian burrito bowl with brown rice. Chipotle is pretty much the only real food restaurant that leaves us feeling full and happy.

Okay so why did I decide to ramble on about these 2 unfortunate circumstances? The moral of the story is that if you want to eat healthy,  it is so highly important to have a plan for your meals and also to have a plan B. Things go wrong in the kitchen all the time. Something can spill or burn or even just taste horrible! Usually our plan B is burritos with whole wheat tortillas and beans pulled from the freezer. Another good one is whole grain pasta and organic marinara sauce. Unfortunately we didn't even have those items today. Thank goodness for Chipotle! What is your "go to meal" when life is stressful?

Breakfast: Rice puff cereal sweetened with honey; banana
Snack:Raw almonds
Lunch: Chipotle vegetarian burrito bowl. Brown rice, black beans, fajita veggies, pico de gallo, guacamole, lots of letuce.
Dinner: Falafel with tabouli, pita, cucumber slices
Dessert: Watermelon slices

Alexis Kaye  – (May 31, 2012 at 7:22 PM)  

YUM!!! I've been wanting to make falafel for forever! Honestly I've never even tried it! And I'm sorry your endeavors didn't work out like you had planned! Life gets in the way ;) miss you!

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