Day 3: 30 Days of Unprocessed Food

My daughter is doing surprisingly well so far. During dinner she made a face and said she "doesn't like rice" and then proceeded to ask to watch a movie. I told her it was not time to watch a movie, it was time to eat dinner. My husband and I sat down to dinner and ignored her for a few minutes. She eventually came over and started eating. She mostly ate the beans and a few bites of rice. Then she surprised me and asked for more bell peppers. She ate an entire plate full. Sophia is living proof that it is possible to raise your children to be healthy eaters. I am so proud of her good eating habits. Yes, we have our battles, but overall, she is such a good eater! For those of you who have picky eaters, be patient and be assertive. Your kids will eat healthy food if that is all you offer them. I will be posting an entry about how to raise your kids to be healthy eaters in the next few weeks, so hang tight. Here is what we ate today:

Breakfast: Peanut butter banana quesadilla
Lunch: Leftover chicken from last night made into sandwiches with lettuce and tomato
My Daughter's Lunch: Leftover chicken, fruit leather, apple rings with peanut butter, frozen peas, whole wheat brownie. 
Snack: Popcorn with salt, pepper, and cultured organic butter
Dinner: Vegetable stirfry with garbanzo beans. This turned out really well. I added some homemade chicken stock to give it some flavor.
Dessert: Watermelon slices. I also had a small brownie. Whoops! I love chocolate, what can I say?

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