Lazy Days at the Farmer's Market

Truly there is nothing that makes me happier than lazy Saturdays. These past 3 weeks have been filled with crazy, busy, erratic schedules. James has started traveling heavily for work, and I am taking Microbiology 4 days a week for 6 hours everyday! Last lab science I will ever have to take! Woo hoo! Sophia has been going to preschool more than usual as a result of our busy schedule. Today, we just needed to be lazy!

 I find so much joy in waking up early, slowly sipping my coffee, and enjoying the stillness before I hear my sweet girl trudging down the stairs. Today somehow I woke up at 6:45am, feeling wide awake and full of energy. I took advantage of the stillness by enjoying my coffee in silence and writing. Blogging is so good for me because I just love to write.  It is such an outlet for me. Even if I am writing simple, mundane things, it brings me joy and helps me feel calm and collected. Just like my dad, I am a much better communicator through writing than through speech.

Soon enough, I heard those little footsteps creeping down the stairs, and then the sweet voice of my girl: "Mommy, I wanna have bread with honey. And some butter. Um. I need milk in my cup too." :) Warms my heart. Just like her mama, this girl wakes up ready to eat! We made a quick breakfast with Daddy and headed out the door to the farmer's market.

Farmer's markets have become our favorite weekend tradition. Though we don't go every week, we try to go a few times each month. When the weather permits, I could spend hours browsing yummy foods and natural products. We decided to drive a little ways and check out the Gilbert Farmer's Market for a change of pace. We usually go to the Scottsdale Farmer's Market, although neither one is in our neighborhood.
The farmer's market is wonderful but also dangerous for the wallet! I always have to restrain myself so that we don't buy everything in sight! One thing I couldn't resist today was heirloom tomatoes. I LOVE heirloom tomatoes. What is more awesome than yellow tomatoes? It doesn't get much better than that! I am looking forward to making a fresh summer salad with these beauties. We also bought a rather expensive loaf of bread. $6. When we got home and made sandwiches with it, we decided it was worth every penny! 100% whole grain, but so doughy and delicious! Someday I will learn to bake my own bread; mark my words.
Much to my chagrin, James and I have both been on antibiotics all week. I cringe at the thought of antibiotics, slowly and violently destroying my lovely intestinal flora. Okay, maybe it is weird to call my intestinal flora lovely; but needless to say, we stopped at Whole Foods for some raw sauerkraut and kefir. Rather than taking a probiotic in pill form, I find it so much healthier to consume foods that are naturally bursting with probiotics to flood our GI tract with a healthy dose of bacteria. Did you know that kefir and naturally fermented sauerkraut are incredibly high in probiotics? I will be talking about this in great detail next month when I start a series on traditional foods in our modern culture. Until then, just take my word for it! Lunch today was sandwiches with Applegate Farm's natural deli turkey, avocado, and sauerkraut. Also a huge bowl of watermelon.
Just for your laughing enjoyment, let me tell you that our 3 year old will eat this straight out of the tub if we let her. She sure loves flavor!
Happy Saturday to all of you!

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