Family Fun Night

 I am officially at the half way point with summer school. 4 weeks done. 4 more weeks to endure. It has been rough so far.  My schedule right now is as follows: Wake up at 7am, shower, rush to get ready and eat breakfast. Take Sophia to preschool at 9am, I go to school from 10am until 3pm. Rush to pick up Sophia, spend some time together, make dinner, put Sophia down to bed by 8pm, try desperately to find enough energy to study. Whew! By 10:30pm, I am exhausted. Although I am loving microbiology, it is incredibly difficult to find enough hours in the day to study. Summer school is great in the sense that it is over and done with in a mere 8 weeks, but those 8 weeks are crazy chaos! I am thrilled to say that this is the last lab science I will have to take EVER. As of July 19th, I will be a measly 2 classes short of a Bachelor's degree. What a journey it has been! I am thrilled to be nearing the end. I am completely unsure as to what I will do after graduation, but I am anxious to be done!

Did I mention that James will be traveling for work most of the summer? As if life isn't chaotic enough, now I have to figure out how to juggle everything on my own! Ugh. Tonight we decided to have some extra fun family time before he hits the road. We started off by having some water fun. In this Phoenix heat, we do whatever it takes to stay cool. Sophia is completely obsessed with the hose right now. Although we were trying to water the trees, she would much rather water herself.
A great night has to include a great meal. We splurged on some wild salmon from Trader Joe's. Wild salmon is one of those things I don't budge on. If you want to hear my rant about salmon, you can click here. We only eat salmon once in a great while because it is not cheap! We paid $6.99/lb at Trader Joe's for wild, frozen fillets. The best way to know that your salmon is high quality is to look at the color. Farm raised salmon is pale pink only because they dye it pink. Take a look at the wild salmon below. The natural hue of salmon is a very deep shade of pink. We paired our salmon with an Israeli couscous/quinoa blend and grilled asparagus. It was delish!

We also can't live without this organic wine from Trader Joe's. For just $3.99, you can't pass it up!

What would a family fun night be without homemade cookies and a movie? We made some ridiculously good, ooey, gooey chocolate chip coconut cookies and watched Dumbo. Such a great way to bid Daddy farewell for a few days. Happy Thursday. The weekend is almost here!

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