Choosing to Study Dietetics

People always seem very intrigued by my course of study and curious as to how and why I chose to study nutrition. I hope this will answer your questions:)

I have always thought of myself as someone who is "not cut out for school". Though I love learning new concepts, I hate deadlines and I don't learn well in a classroom. Yes, I have a lot of knowledge about nutrition and I consider myself very intelligent on the topic, but getting to that point has not been easy. I have to work VERY hard to do well in my classes. I am most certainly not the sort of person who can cram for a test and do well. And I am definitely not an A student. I struggle just to get B's.

After I graduated high school in 2005, I had no clue as to what I should do next. Everyone told me I would make a great preschool teacher. Um, no thanks. I LOVE kids, but I have zero interest in having a job that is centered around kids.  I spent the first year of college taking completely random classes because I felt like that was what I was supposed to do. Marine Biology anyone? How about The History of Women in Film? After a year of random classes, I still had no idea what I wanted to do.

 After getting married in 2008, I decided to take a few nutrition courses. I was hesitant to do this because of my previous disordered eating patterns in high school.  I didn't want people to think that I was trying to learn more about how to diet and lose weight. In fact, quite the opposite happened! Delving into nutrition has made me loathe the idea of dieting and weight loss. A professor once told me that there is a reason that the first 3 letters of diet are D-I-E. I couldn't agree more! Glod has blessed me so much. He has taken a very distorted view of food and completely turned it into a healthy, and very normal relationship with food.

After having taken only two nutrition courses at a community college, I knew without hesitation that God was calling me to the field of nutrition and dietetics. With that being said, it is not an easy field! Don't let anyone ever tell you that nutrition is easy. "It's just the food pyramid, how hard can it be?" Actually, the food pyramid is completely obsolete and is most certainly not a good measure of healthy eating. Nutrition is hard! If I wanted to take the easy route, I would have become a preschool teacher or not gotten a college education at all! (No offense to preschool teachers). Instead, I took a deep breath and enrolled at Arizona State University. I knew this path was going to be challenging, but if I was about to spend thousands of dollars on an education, it had better be for something that I am highly passionate about!

Choosing to finally declare a major of nutrition and dietetics was a difficult decision for me. After learning that I would need to take EIGHT lab science courses, I was a little very hesitant.  After weighing the pros and the cons of such a challenging course of study, I felt fully confident that God was leading me down this path. In the past 5 years I have learned to embrace the bulky lab coat and safety glasses....

Nutrition is one of those topics that fires me up! Whenever I hear someone talking about a diet craze, it aggravates me to no end! I feel like I am in for a challenging and yet rewarding career path. So many people think that they are experts in healthy eating because of something they read on the internet. Very few people will listen closely to what a nutrition professional has to say because we all want a quick fix when it comes to weight loss.

I am graduating in about 20 weeks, and the truth is that I have no idea what I want to do after graduation. The only thing that I do know is that I want to advocate change. I want people to trust my opinions. I want to be taken seriously as an educated nutrition professional. I want to change the mindset of Americans in regards to what healthy eating should be. I want to be part of the movement to get America back to traditional, sustainable, real foods that come from nature and not from a big corporate factory. I want to radically change our American food system!

Stay tuned in the next few days as I detail the courses and skills required for a  dietetics degree.

ryansmiller  – (July 14, 2012 at 10:25 AM)  

Great story Delia! I hope you can find a job that you're passionate about and helps the community too

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