School's Out For the Summer!

This morning included lots of this...CRAMMING! This week has been insane. I have had 3 exams and 4 assignments in the past 4 days. Did I mention that James has been out of town? Yeah, not fun.  Studying for my final exam wasn't really an option. I literally woke up this morning at the crack of dawn 7am and studied my brains out! It worked! I did pretty decent on the final exam and I am very happy with my grade for the class. Working hard toward something, and having that hard work pay off is so rewarding. I was so blessed to have a wonderful teacher. She made the class engaging and fun.
 Thank goodness for Trader Joe's English Breakfast tea! I had 2 full mugs this morning and I was ready to go! I also had a delicious and nutritious breakfast of whole grain toast (two slices) with almond butter and a banana. Breakfast of champions! Despite being happy about never ever having to take another lab science, I am a little sad too! I have really enjoyed looking at fuzzy fungi and wearing my awesome lab coat and glasses. All good things must come to end. Goodbye dorky lab coat and glasses. You will be missed!

My future scientist in the making!
The weekend is almost here! We will be heading out on a road trip with my husband and his band! Can't wait:) I am only TWO classes away from achieving a Bachelor's Degree. That is worth celebrating! Have a great weekend!

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