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Hello! Welcome to Delia’s Kitchen! If you haven’t figured it out, my name is Delia and I am the developer and writer for this blog. I am 25 years old and I am happily married to the love of my life James. We have a beautiful {almost} 3 year old daughter named Sophia Therese  and we are hopeful that the Lord will grace us with more children whenever it is His will. We currently reside in the desert, also known as Phoenix. Aside from my church and my family, nutrition is my greatest passion. My decision to start this blog is something that has been on my heart for a long time. I am very dedicated to eating delicious food that is wholesome and natural- preferably from my kitchen and not from a box. I love food and I eat lots of it! We live in a society that makes it very difficult to eat unprocessed foods. These foods are everywhere and it takes careful planning and dedication to avoid them. I have a strong desire to share my thoughts on food and to show people that healthy organic eating doesn’t have to be bland, time-consuming, or expensive! I understand that food can be a sensitive topic for people. Most of us have good intentions when we try to eat healthy, but sometimes we are misguided by false marketing in the food industry. I want to make it clear that all of my thoughts come from a loving place and it is not my intention to place judgement on anyone. I simply want to share my knowledge of food, and I hope that you can learn a little something along the way. Although I am not yet a nutrition professional, I am a senior dietetics student and I cannot wait to earn my degree in December 2012!

My Journey to Healthy Eating: Like so many young girls, I was very self conscious about my weight in middle school and high school. I focused heavily on eating foods that were “light”, “low fat”, and “diet”. I consumed more Splenda and Diet Coke than I care to admit. I found myself always trying to lose a few pounds, but sick of eating boring “health” food. During my first year of college I began working at a farmer’s market grocery store. I loved watching what sorts of foods customers were purchasing, and I asked lots of questions! Until this point, I didn’t know anything about processed food or preservatives. I always ate what was served and never questioned it. This time in my life was a huge turning point. James and I got married  in May of 2008, and after finding out that I was pregnant, I began to delve deeper into healthy eating. I decided to take a few nutrition courses to further my knowledge of food. Two classes later and I was hooked! It wasn’t until my daughter was born that I became interested in organic eating. I always thought that eating lean meats and lots of fruits and veggies was good enough, but based on the knowledge that I acquired about topics such as antibiotics, growth hormones, genetically modified foods, pesticides, food dyes, etc, I knew that I had  an obligation to feed my family the best possible food trying to limit these items as much as possible. I have completely given up on the diet mentality. I don’t eat a low carb or low fat diet because these diets are usually unnecessary and will probably result in failure and weight gain. My husband and I share a similar diet mentality: “eat healthy, whole foods at home, so that when we go out occasionally on the weekends, we can give ourselves permission to indulge a little bit. We are a family of food lovers! We love sushi, hot dogs, bbq chicken, Mexican food, and we really really love dessert! My husband is on board for this organic adventure, however, his greatest request is that all food must taste good. I love experimenting with “junk food” type recipes and making them healthier and yummier.  If we crave junk food, you can bet we will be in the kitchen cooking it ourselves. Chili cheese dogs anyone? As a family, we focus on eating pasture raised organic meats, lots of local and organic fruits and vegetables, whole grains and very limited amounts of boxed and packaged foods. I count myself very lucky that my husband is fully committed to healthy eating and agrees that we need to strive to  eat organic, unprocessed  food most days of the week. Like so many others, we live on a tight budget. Choosing to buy good quality organic food means that we have to make sacrifices in other financial decisions. I would love to have a bigger house, a second car, and a nicer wardrobe, but at the end of the day, feeding my family whole foods that are providing true nourishment and longevity is the higher priority.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about me! I hope this blog will offer support to those of you who are striving to live a healthier lifestyle.


Disclaimer: The thoughts on this blog are factually and scientifically based.  However, some thoughts are  merely my personal opinions. There are no endorsements  on this website. Although I consider myself to be very knowledgeable in most areas of nutrition, I am not a licensed professional, and therefore, I am not permitted to diagnose or treat nutrition related illness. I am more than happy to answer questions regarding nutrition, but advice from a Registered Dietitian or Medical Doctor should be sought for diagnosing illness.

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